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Hypoallergenic French Bulldog

Transcript of an interview with legendary breeder “Don Chino” conducted by Michael Coale, an editorial contributor for in The Woodlands, Texas on March 14, 2022 about the creation of the Hypoallergenic French Bulldog.


Michael: Hi Don, first thank you for agreeing to meet with us to discuss your breeding program. We’ve been excited to make this happen and I’m glad you could make the time to meet. So where do we start? How about starting with a little background and then we can get into the good stuff.

Don Chino: Wow, where do we start? Thanks for having me and I’m sorry it’s taken so long to set this up. Our team is extremely busy these days, but we are the tip of the sword so it’s expected. To begin, I’ve been breeding for 21 years and produced our 7th generation this past year. Over the years, we’ve had a significant impact on the French Bulldog breed, pet homes, and breeding programs. Lots of big names or legendary dogs, working with some of the top breeders in the world. If you see “of FBTXB” in the pedigree then it has my blood.

Michael: Sounds like a lot of work over a long period of time. GOAT type work, right?

Don Chino: Hey, you said it. I’ll let the dogs speak for themselves. Definitely not a “Soap Opera Breeder” constantly screaming look at me! (Laughs) We just do the work and share the productions.


Michael: That’s funny. I’ve never heard that one. You’re definitely a colorful character and that’s why we wanted to sit down with you. So you ready for some questions?


Don Chino: We are here. Let’s do it.

Michael: Great, so you’ve recently produced some of the first or rarest Frenchies? Can you give us some details?

Don Chino: Yes, we call it the “Fluffy Dominant” gene also known as “Furnishings” or the “F Panel”. My next stud Top Dollar aka Furrari carries this fluffy dominant gene and will be able to produce Fluffy French Bulldogs with any non-fluffy carrier, single L-carrier females, or visual fluffies of course. Actually, Top Dollar can produce Fluffy with any breed. This boy was produced in Asia with the help of my partners. Years ago I sent some dogs there and this past year, we shipped Hush Money semen to produce this amazing boy. This is part of the reason why I’ve been waiting to announce him. I had to dot all the i’s and cross the t’s. His Color & Coat DNA is verified by Animal Genetics. He is Registered, Microchipped, and DNA Profiled Parentage with the AKC American Kennel Club. Also, Dual Registration with DKC, Designer Kennel Club. This entire process was conducted and observed by my veterinarian.


Michael: Let me get this straight, “Top Dollar” is able to make Fluffy Frenchies with any female, correct?


Don Chino: Correct, females do not have to carry the fluffy L gene in order to produce a fluffy dog with Top Dollar. He carries one copy of fluffy dominant so not all will be visually fluffy but some may be. So it’s kinda like breeding merles. You can get some or not, it’s a dominant gene. That being said we can produce fluffies in one generation now. Pretty exciting and the options are endless.


Michael: That sounds very exciting and groundbreaking. Can you write the DNA down for us so we can share it? Also, what color is Top Dollar?

Don Chino: (writing) ay/at, d/d, b/B, L/L, F/n; so Top Dollar is a blue fawn that carries tri, chocolate (b), No L gene, one copy of the “fluffy dominant” gene, no brindle, no piebald.

Michael: One more time the “L” gene is not necessary to produce visual fluffy?

Don Chino: Correct, it only requires one copy of the “fluffy dominant” gene to be visually fluffy. As in the case, Top Dollar does not carry any L gene himself, none, but he is visually fluffy. Why? Because he has one copy of fluffy dominant. So he is the living proof himself!

Michael: Got it. I’m sure you’ll get a bunch of questions from breeders and customers after this interview.

Don Chino: Definitely, the main thing is that Top Dollar can produce visual fluffies with any female dog, even non-carrier females.

Michael: So what’s the deal with a Hypoallergenic French Bulldog?


Don Chino: the standard French Bulldog has what you would call a “fur coat”, this coat sheds and produces a large amount of dander, which triggers allergies in some people. With the combination of the fluffy dominant gene and No L gene, Top Dollar has a “hair coat” which does not shed as much and produces no to very little dander. This makes him officially the first Hypoallergenic French Bulldog in the world.

Michael: So now you can make fluffy Frenchies in one generation and be hypoallergenic French Bulldogs, correct?

Don Chino: That’s correct! We are working with a “hair coat” on Top Dollar, kind of like humans, we have hair, not fur. This hair can be groomed to any shape, I love the hand scissor teddy bear cut myself. Maintenance is required, but that’s the beauty in it all. This hair coat continues to grow in volume and not so much in length based on my observation thus far. Sounds crazy huh? a hypoallergenic French Bulldog must have no L-gene and only carry Fluffy Dominant.

Michael: Yes it does. That’s a lot to absorb, yet monumental.


*End of Part 1.

We would like to thank Don Chino for sitting down for this interview. These new discoveries are great for the future of designer breeds. We will release more parts of this interview in the future discussing more interesting topics.

Michael Coale

Editorial Contributor

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