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Are you Compatible with a French Bulldog?

Are you considering adding a French Bulldog to the Fam? Take this short quiz to see how compatible you are with a Frenchie!

1. What activity are you most looking forward to doing with your dog?

a. Hiking and walking

b. Watching Netflix and snuggling

2. Would you consider yourself the clingy type?

a. I need my space at times

b. Yes, I love affection

3. How do you feel about cuddling?

a. As long as you stay on your side of the bed

b. Give me all the cuddles

4. What personality trait is most important to you?

a. Obedience

b. Humorous

5. What level of sociability do you expect from your dog?

a. I need a guard dog

b. Must get along with children

6. Do you live in…

a. The country

b. The city

7. What bothers you more?

a. Snoring and farting

b. obnoxious barking

8. What is your normal schedule like?

a. Rarely at home and if I am, I stay busy

b. One might call me a “homebody”

If you got mostly A’s…

You might want to consider getting a cat or something a little lower maintenance. If you’re looking for a man’s best friend to go hunting and fishing with, maybe look into breeds like the Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, or Labrador Retriever. While no dog breed is perfect, it’s all about finding the perfect match for you.

If you got mostly B’s…

This is a match made in heaven! Get ready to be entertained and loved unconditionally. French Bulldogs are intelligent and know how to demand attention (most likely by snoring). They are the perfect city dogs because they do not require much space or exercise. The French Bulldog personality might just be the best personality of any small dog. They’re fun, loving, and absolutely adorable and will turn into well-mannered and charismatic adults. If you’re ready for a loyal companion and lifelong entertainment, you’re in the right place!

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Home to the Smallest Frenchies in the World, Micro Frenchies!

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