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Chase and Chew LV Gold Pet Bowl Review

Liberato Stilè is a Online Boutique that features the Chase and Chew brand that has recently made a splash in the Pet Accessory and Fashion scene. Chase and Chew specializes in creating pet products that display elegance and sophistication, such as the LV Gold Pet Bowl.

The LV Gold Pet Bowl at first seems a bit gratuitous for a dog bowl; who needs a Golden LV dog bowl? Well, isn't that the point? French Bulldogs are well known for their cute and playful physique, but their incredible characteristics come at a price, and a not a metaphorical one. High Quality French Bulldogs cost a pretty penny, and many Frenchie owners think, "What would best compliment my Frenchie?" You wouldn't want to give your three, four, or even five thousand-dollar Frenchie a cheap dog bowl. You would want something that reflects your Frenchie's value and life. That's where Chase and Chew comes in; to fill a niche Designer brand Pet Product.

Measuring at 8 inches in diameter, the LV Gold Pet Bowl is a great size for Frenchies, and will surely accommodate a Frenchie's aggressive drinking and eating style. The bowl itself is smooth to touch, and your Frenchie will surely be comfortable using it. The LV logo is visible, but not so large or protruding that it seems tacky. The quality of the bowl is better than what most people would expect from a Designer brand; these bowls are hand-made from a single piece of stainless steel painted Gold, then engraved with the LV logo.

Overall, the LV Gold Pet Bowl is well worth the purchase if you're a French Bulldog owner that wants to give their Frenchie a bowl that compliments it as a Designer Bowl should. Chase and Chew fills a very niche role in the Designer brand Pet Product market, and they do it incredibly well.

If you would like to purchase the LV Gold Pet Bowl, you can find it here;

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