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Chase and Chew LV Inspired Pet Carrier

Liberato Stilè is a Online Boutique that features the Chase and Chew brand that has made a splash in the Pet Accessory and Fashion scene. Chase and Chew specializes in creating pet products that display elegance and sophistication, such as the LV Inspired Pet Carrier.

The LV Inspired Pet Carrier is a great mix between practicality and fashion. What better exemplifies a way for Frenchie owners to carry their puppy in public while maintaining a sense of sophistication and fashion. Mesh vents in the front and rear allow airflow into the Pet Carrier, so your Frenchie will always be cool and calm.

The leopard pattern interior is an interesting design choice, but understandable considering its the part of the bag you see the least of; the inside. It provides a break from the checkerboard pattern on the outside and is a nice fashion statement at the very least.

Speaking of the interior, it measures 11 inches in height, 14 inches in length, 6.5 inches in width. This should comfortably fit most Frenchies, and may even be brought onto some airplanes.

The side handles are perfect for carrying or for strapping around your shoulder. Also included is a safety tether, seen in white, which can be used as a backup or safety.

Overall, the LV Inspired Pet Carrier is a great niche choice for Frenchie owners who want to carry their French Bulldog in style, but still be practical. Chase and Chew fills a very niche role in the Designer brand Pet Product market, and they do it incredibly well.

If you would like to purchase the LV Inspired Pet Carrier, you can find it here;

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