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Chase and Chew LV Puppy Bed Review

Updated: May 19, 2023

Liberato Stilè is a Online Boutique that features the Chase and Chew brand that has recently made a splash in the Pet Accessory and Fashion scene. Chase and Chew specializes in creating pet products that display elegance and sophistication, such as the LV Puppy Bed.

The LV Puppy Bed is a stylish and expressive bed for French Bulldogs and owners alike. Not only does it display the class and status of owning a Frenchie, it's very practical, as the materials and design contribute to a comfortable and healthy French Bulldog. Sporting the Supreme and LV logos, this bed expresses what it should feel like to own a Frenchie and be able to give it a bed that reflects its status and lifestyle. Not only does the bed look classy, it functions just like a normal bed would.

The cushion the bed uses, combined with the fabric on the bottom of the bed, provides a slip-proof base and a comfortable experience for your Frenchie. Its donut shape makes sure that your Frenchie will always be in a comfortable position when sitting or sleeping in it. Its dimensions are 17” x 13” x 8”, so it will easily be able to hold a French Bulldog.

Overall, the LV Puppy Bed is a great purchase for Frenchie owners that want to get their Frenchie a comfortable bed that keeps their dog healthy and warm. Chase and Chew does a great job designing their products, from the style to the practicality.

If you would like to purchase the LV Puppy Bed, you can purchase it here;

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