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How to Cure French Bulldog Stinky Breath

As Frenchie owners we do have a lot of stinky things to put up with. There are the legendary farts to put up with for a start, but what you don’t really hear about before your get a Frenchie is their bad breath. It’s more common than you might think as French Bulldogs can have bad breath from time to time. But it’s important to understand why and how you can cure it.

Why does my French Bulldog have bad breath? Stinky breath and halitosis in a Frenchie can be due to dental disease, plaque build-up, or other more serious health problem. French Bulldogs with really bad breath could have liver disease, kidney disease, or diabetes depending on the type of smell.

Do French Bulldogs have bad breath?

As a rule, a healthy and happy Frenchie should not have stinky or bad breath. If they do, it’s a sign of an underlying health issue, which in most cases is probably just a dental problem easily remedied with teeth cleaning.

The most common Frenchie bad breath smell will be a slight stinky odor. Don’t be too alarmed as bad breath isn’t always a sign that something serious is wrong.

Just like humans, Frenchies also need a regular dental hygiene routine. With regular teeth brushing you will help to get rid of the nasty smelling bacteria in your dog’s mouth which goes from plaque to stinky tartar. Please check out our “ How to brush your frenchies teeth” Blog if needed tips on how to correctly brush your pups teeth!

I am not a vet but am a Frenchie owner who has experienced bad breath problems with my dog Gunner which we cured with teeth cleaning. Other owners I have spoken to have reported the halitosis as smelling like the following things:

  • Like alcohol.

  • Like ammonia or acetone.

  • Like blood or iron.

  • Like cabbage.

  • Like a dead animal or death.

  • Like fish or a fish tank.

  • Like garbage.

  • Like metal.

  • Like pee.

  • Like poop.

  • Like rotten meat.

  • Like a sewer or dumpster

When to call a vet

Whilst most cases of bad breath can be chalked down to poor dental hygiene or just something your French Bulldog ate, there are times when immediate professional help is advisable:

  • If your French Bulldog’s breath is unbearably bad – could be a disease.

  • If your French Bulldog has bad breath and is going to the toilet more often.

  • If your French Bulldogs has also lost weight and is vomiting.

  • If your French Bulldog is drinking more than usual.

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