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Merle Frenchies in Houston TX

Look no more if your on the market for a Merle French Bulldog. It’s no wonder that everyone wants to own French Bulldogs. They are amazing and interesting lovable pups and the lust for all things extremely rare makes the Merle French Bulldog a wanted pet. Be sure to do your homework on this breed variation before making your final decision and choosing the correct breeder. The Merle color is the most present and unique coat color.

A Merle pattern comes from the lightning of the base coat in the Frenchie. Because of this the result is that the dark patches remain giving the pups the Merle characteristic. Their fur can have hundreds of different markings but the most common is the dark brown or black and the dominant color is usually white, cream, or fawn all mixed with the dark colors.

What is a Merle??

The merle coat comes from a dominant gene that becomes diluted by other genes. When this happens, different merle colors occur.

Types of Merles

Merles come in so many variations! Be sure to check out our blog on Types of Merle French Bulldogs for more !

Moreover, Merle Frenchies, like other Frenchies, are not aggressive, however, they can be stubborn. Their stubborn attitudes can be seen as adorable. Merle’s are also playful and very affectionate. Whether it’s a Merle Frenchie or another variation of Frenchie, these loveable dogs are iconic pets.

It used to be said Merles are not considered an AKC breed. Americans Kennel Company a designer breed registry is changing that. You can now get papers on your puppy and working with French Bulldog Texas they have many lineages that work with them as well. Check it out here!


French Bulldog Texas

The cutest Frenchies in the world!

I have found one of the best breeders in Texas because of their reviews I was able to go through the Frenchie process so easily! So have many others. Not only is the quality of their dogs exquisite… the reviews and updates on puppies are amazing. Adds so much credibility to the name. I wanted to share a few of their success stories so it may help you when it comes time to decide on the right breeder for you. The last thing you want is to get scammed when such a exciting time in adding a frenchie to your family.

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