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Micro Frenchie Walk Tips

1.Make sure to have water

Miniature French Bulldogs are not huge on long walks. Especially in Texas with the summer upon us. Retractable water bowls and cool water is a must. Miniature French Bulldogs have a harder time than other breeds regulating their temperature than we do, and it’s easy for them to overheat. And since Miniature French Bulldogs have short snouts and sweat through panting they can easily become dehydrated during exercise, especially in warm weather.

2. Let Your Micro Frenchie Sniff Around

Did you know dog walks are about more than just physical exercise? Your french Bulldog walk is a great way for them get to go out and explore each day. Give them a little extra time to sniff around. If you don’t want to stop every 10 seconds or have you frenchie sniffing around in your neighbors yard that’s fine. You must decide which areas are safe and appropriate for them to explore.

3. Don’t Use a Retractable Leash For Dog Walks

When it comes to using the right leash for your micro frenchie walk I have one recommendation: avoid retractable leashes. Retractable leashes cause many unnecessary hazards compared to traditional leashes. The length of most retractable leashes makes it difficult for you to maintain control of your micro frenchie especially in high traffic areas. Your puppy can easily run into the street, and those leashes are not easy to reel in. And those locks on retractable leashes? Well they’re known to disengage with enough pressure. If your frenchie is already a puller while walking a retractable leash will only it worse. Retractable leashes are a poor choice for normal walks, but I will admit that in certain situations they make life easier.

4. Make Sure Your Dog is Wearing Proper Identification

Every time you leave the house with your Miniature French Bulldog ensure that they’re wearing ID tags on their walks. Be prepared by making sure your dog is wearing tags that are up to date. Using a personalized collar with your phone number as well as address. Another great precaution and I ALWAYS recommend getting your puppy microchipped. Usually this is done immediately

5. Always Pick Up Your Frenchies Poop

Another dog walking tip to remember — pick up your Miniature French Bulldog's poop. Picking up your dogs poop is more than just being a good neighbor. Dog poop that isn’t picked up causes major health concerns to humans and other pets.

Pet waste could contain harmful organisms such as giardia, E. coli, roundworms, hookworms, and salmonella that can spread to other animals and humans. I understand picking up poop is so far from glamorous... but it’s all part of being a responsible Frenchie mom/dad. Poop bags are available everywhere and it takes 5 seconds to grab some on your way out the door.

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