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Miles Teller's Bud Light Super Bowl Ad, Bugsy the Micro French Bulldog

Miles Teller made his mark in the entertainment industry over a decade ago. The actor has starred in such hits as “Whiplash,” “Footloose,” and “Top Gun: Maverick.” Most recently he has taken on the role of stage dog dad.

That’s right! His gorgeous Micro French Bulldog, Bugsy, made her acting debut alongside Teller and his wife, Keleigh Sperry, in a Budweiser commercial that “will air during Super Bowl LVII,” per People magazine.

The commercial features Teller and Sperry dancing in their living room with their precious pup while they are on hold. The actor and his wife shared that their furry friend is a major scene stealer in the ad.

"She was really good. We were nervous, but she's kind of a star," said Sperry in a February 2023 interview with People magazine. Teller agreed with his wife and asserted that his dog is “the star of the commercial.” “We're just the co-stars,” said the 35-year-old.

While speaking to USA Today, Teller shared that he was willing to star in a Budweiser ad because he was a fan of the company’s previous Super Bowl commercials. The actor shared that being able to work with his favorite ladies was just the icing on top of the cake. “It was really exciting for us to do that. And with our dog, it’s a big selling point,” stated Teller. The actor also shared he appreciated the commercial’s message. “When you look around especially with someone you love, then life is not so bad so that you can really – you choose your mood. And obviously, there’s a lot of stuff that’s kind of really frustrating but I think that you can choose happiness,” said the “War Dogs” star.

While speaking to People, Teller shared that he is well aware that his furry friend will have quite a few fans after the Super Bowl. "We're getting her a social media account because I know everyone's just going to fall in love with her," shared the actor.

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