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What is an Isabella Lilac French Bulldog?

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

What is an Isabella Lilac French Bulldog?

Isabella Lilacs are the most rare colored Micro French Bulldogs for enthusiast at the moment. This rare color is predominantly owned by breeders and used for adding more offspring to the French Bulldog gene pool. An Isabella Lilac Micro Frenchie carries two copies of the dilute D-Locus d/d and two copies of the recessive B-Locus b/b (chocolate). If the Micro Frenchie at hand does not carry this dna combination, it's color is not Isabella Lilac. The shade of these Micro Frenchies can visually be tricky. They have a purple/chocolate tint depending how the coat appears. Some have a base color of blue within the hair and the tips chocolate giving it a more shimmery deep purple look. Others may have base of chocolate with the hair and tips being blue, which makes the Micro Frenchie appear more like champagne shade with a purple tint. A Isabella Lilac Frenchie currently ranges from $30,000 to $250,000. Again, these rare shades are owned by breeders and still in the early stages of refining the quality of these rare Micro French Bulldogs. The Isabella Lilac Color includes the following colors & patterns: -Isabella Lilac, light beige w/ purple tint, very little white on face or feet -Isabella Lilac Piebald, light beige purple tint patches and body being predominantly white -Isabella Lilac Brindle, light beige, purple tint with brindle stripes on top -Isabella Lilac Fawn, light fawn purple tint with a light beige purple haze body, beige smokey mask on face -Isabella Lilac/Tan, light beige purple tint base with tan points, tan point eyebrows, cheek, and feet or “socks” -Isabella Lilac/Tan Piebald, predominantly white body with light beige purple tint patches along with tan point eyebrows, cheek and feet -Isabella Lilac “Irish Piebald”, the appearance of a piebald but does not carry the piebald allele gene in a dna test Pictured is Hush Money, the most famous Isabella Lilac Stud in the World. He was produced here at FBTX and is making his mark within the breed as we speak. His stud fee is $4,000 and shipping fresh chilled semen is available. Please email or contact 832-836-0380 for details.

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