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What to do if Your French Bulldog is Scared of Loud Noises

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, many American families get together to grill and swim to celebrate our Independence Day. For many French Bulldog owners, this day is anxiety-inducing due to the fact that most French Bulldogs hate the explosive noises of fireworks, or the bright lights that they produce. When this happens, Frenchies will become reluctant to go outside to relieve themselves before bedtime. So, what can you do to help Frenchies during this terrifying time for them?

The first thing you can do is prepare a place that your French Bulldog will feel safe. If your Frenchie hates the sound and sights of fireworks, they'll probably retreat to somewhere they feel they're protected. This can be anything from a kennel to a closet. As long as your Frenchie feels safe, they'll stay calm.

Another thing you can do keep French Bulldogs calm is to play white noise to block out the sounds of the fireworks. This can be a TV show or a ceiling fan; as long as it makes enough noise that your Frenchie is used to so it can hear something consistent and familiar.

A third thing you can do to keep your Frenchie calm be with them. As easy as it is, simply being with your Frenchie can make them feel much safer, and thus making them much calmer. This, combined with the two previous steps, should keep your French Bulldog calm during a fireworks show.

Even if all these steps work, it is still best to be prepared. Walking your Frenchie before the sun sets, which is when most people start to use fireworks. Doing this makes sure your French Bulldog is exercised before the fireworks start. Something else you can do to prepare your Frenchie for this night is to play fireworks noises at a low volume to somewhat desensitize your French Bulldog, so when the fireworks roll around, they wont be a complete surprise.

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