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Why you should slow down your Frenchie while eating

French Bulldogs are notorious for their fast and aggressive eating style, sometimes not even stopping to chew, and instead swallowing kibble whole. This can actually be detrimental to their health, for many reasons.

One reason to slow down your Frenchie's eating is choking or gagging. Obviously, nobody wants their Frenchie to choke, which is why ensuring slow eating will help your Frenchie. Gagging can occur as well, which can lead to vomiting or choking.

The second reason to slow your Frenchie's eating is because of a medical condition known as "Bloat." Bloat affects dogs similar to what it sounds like. Essentially, Bloat is caused by the stomach expanding too much, and can sometimes result from inhaling a lot of air while eating quickly. When Bloat occurs, the stomach expands and twists inside the dog, causing shock which can lead to death.

The other form of Bloat, known as "Food Bloat," occurs when too much food has been ingested and sits in the stomach. The expanded stomach begins to constrict blood vessels by pressing against them, and blood flow begins to cease throughout the dog, causing lack of mobility, all the way to death.

If a dog seems to have Bloat, symptoms can include an expanded abdomen, inability to walk, inability to respond to stimulus, and pain when touched around the abdomen.


The first and easiest thing you can do to stop your French Bulldog from eating fast is to get a slow-eating bowl. These bowls are designed to slow your Frenchie while eating by adding obstacles in the way. This is a sure way to get your Frenchie to take its time while eating.

Another way to slow down your Frenchie while eating is to use something you might already have, such as a cookie or muffin tray. The smaller portions in each hole will ensure your Frenchie will eat slowly.

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